Drywall Repair

In many cases it is required that the bee hive be removed from within the house through the drywall. We will plastic off the room and create a plastic enclosure including a window so that we can safely remove the bees. We use a beevac that we have created to remove the bees without hurting them. It not only makes it safe for the bees, but it makes it safe for us and you. We are suited up and after the removal there will be about 100-200 bees left over that do not want to land. A normal size hive has about 40,000-60,000 bees in it, so 100-200 would not affect the hive very much to lose them. Once the hive is removed, if the owner opts to have us do the part of the repair, we are able. It is best to allow us to do the repair, because of the remnant of bees that will be looking for vengeance. We will treat the wall so that it never happens again to that part of the wall. Depending upon surface of the wall or ceiling, we can do the drywall patch.