Bee Trapping


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If you are in the Sacramento and surrounding areas within 40 miles, we will set up a bee trap to remove the bees from your structure or tree.

Bee Hive Trapping

  • Removal WITHOUT Tearing Open Structure

  • All of the Bees are Safely Removed and Transferred to a New Hive

  • Takes about 6 Weeks for Full Removal

  • This Option is For Those That want EVERY bee to survive the relocation

Bee Hive Trapping – Call Us for More Details!

Bee Trapping

Sometimes the owner of the building that bees infest decides to have the bees trapped out of the building. Usually this is done for one of the following reasons: a) Owner does not want the structure to be dismantled, b) Owner wants to save as many bees as possible, or c) The structure is not conducive to dismantling the walls since it is made of brick, plaster, or tile. In those cases, trapping is the best option. Trapping removes all of the bees (with exception of the original queen) and removes all of the honey in the wall. The only thing that is not removed is the wax. We have been doing trapping for years and there is an art to making sure it works. Oftentimes, I see other removalists attempt to trap and charge the customer a substantial amount, but yet they only save a percentage and do not remove the honey. If you are going to trap them and spend a substantial amount to do this, you might as well use someone that understands exactly the procedure.

The procedure requires us to place a one-way cone over the hole, and repair any adjacent areas so that there is only one exit. The bees leave but cannot return to the hive. Another hive is placed on the outside with a new queen. The returning bees arrive at the cone and cannot get in. They decide to enter our new hive and after 4 days accept the new queen. It takes 5 weeks for the larvae to develop until they leave the hive. On the 6th-7th week, the cone is removed and the bees will enter the hive and remove the honey and transfer it to the new hive. It sounds very simple, but is definitely a complicated procedure. If at any time the bees do not go into the new hive or they enter another point within the structure, the whole process has to be restarted. Many office buildings ask us to do this procedure because they do not want to disturb their clients. Bee trapping is expensive since it takes 6-8 weeks to remove them and the cost of the material. Call us to get a cost. 916-747-3099