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If you are in the Sacramento and surrounding areas within 30 miles, we will safely removed the bee swarm from your neighborhood and RELOCATE them to a new home.

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

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Bee Swarm Removal

Bee swarm season typically happens during the later spring in the Sacramento area like April 15-June 15. Those are rough dates, but the bulk of swarm calls that we receive are during that time. I have seen swarms in other months even up until November, but it is rare.

Getting a swarm removed is vital since usually a swarm that has landed in a tree or something on your yard will eventually be living in someone’s home. Oftentimes a swarm on someone’s tree will infest a nearby home. It could be the same home on the same property or it could be any home in the neighborhood. Playing it safe by having the bees removed on your property and relocated is the ideal. Usually swarm removal is a small fee for removal depending on where it is attached and how easy it is to remove. People often ask if it is free to remove them. We do not remove bees for free since it is our work and costs us money and time to remove them. Sometimes you can find someone that is nearby that would charge very minimal fees. However, time is of the essence since it only takes about 15 minutes for them to decide to move into a home and when it does, it no longer will be a swarm. The beginning stages of building honeycomb begins. Once in the structure there is no way of coaxing the queen out of the home and into a box. Some people talk about using smoke, but smoke is a repellent and will drive them deeper in your wall.

The best choice is to call your bee expert like ourselves to quickly remove them safely and relocate them. If you want quick service, call us today at 916-747-3099.