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Do you have honey bees in your wall or structure? We specialize in safe removal of honey bees from structures of all kinds. Our company saves more bees every year than any other company and we have been doing this for over 26 years.

It is important to get someone out there that can assess the situation and see if the honey bees that you are seeing are scouts, a new swarm arrival, or an established hive with wax and honey. The bees in a short time can go from scouts to an established hive in as little as three days. Call us to get a quick assessment of your situation.

I do not recommend exterminating the hive. If the bees have been there longer than 3 days, then you will have wax and honey in the wall.

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About Our Services.

— Honey Bee Hive Removal

Removal of bee hives from within walls, ceilings and other structures.

— Bee Swarm Capture

Safe Capture of honey bee swarms from yards and structures.

— Honey Bee Hive Trapping

For difficult jobs, bee trapping is an option.

— Purchase a Bee Hive

We relocate our bees. If you want to purchase a hive, call us.

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Book with us today to get a quick service to avoid the honey bee hive from growing too quickly and causing damage to your structure.

Why it is VITAL to contact immediately.

The first day the bee swarm arrives, it begins to form wax. By the 3rd day, there is so much wax in your structure that the structures has to be opened to remove the wax and honey. The bees at this point have transferred the honey from the old hive to this new hive in your structure.

Gavin Baumeister, Owner
Paul Baumeister, Owner

About our Bee Removalists.

We have been doing bee removal work from structures for the past 26 years. We have removed about 500 bee hives in all of those years and have mastered the art of safe removal with an expertise in saving the honey bees.

It's important to us that we strive to save the bees as much as possible without placing the customer at any harm. Of course keeping people safe is our number one priority and then bees as much as possible. In most cases we can save the bees.

Our reputation in the area has been well established and we are licensed and insured for all of our jobs.​

Thank you for removing our bees out of our wall! We were so scared that the bees were going to come into our home and attack us. They were so loud when they arrived. Gavin took care of it the same day! What a relief!!!