Did you know that killing bees in the wall will probably cause 20-100 lbs of honey to come down your wall?

3-Day Old Hive

3-DayHiveThis started as a swarm 2 days before I arrived there. The hive was in the barn wall. This is typical of a hive on the third day. Notice that the amount of bees is very small. This is how much wax is in the wall with just probably about 1000 bees. It was an abnormally small amount of bees. Most bee swarms are about 5,000-10,000 in number.

Now, if the homeowner wanted to exterminate the hive at this point and leave the hive in the wall, there is a chance that next year a new swarm would come by and smell the wax and move in. Honey bees can eat through silicone, caulking, thin pieces of wood, and insulation foam. The ideal way is not to exterminate, but to remove them. If we are going to remove the hive, we almost always save the bees and relocate them.