Did you know that killing bees in the wall will probably cause 20-100 lbs of honey to come down your wall?

Bee Control

Honey bees are a very important part of our ecology. With the disastrous effects colony collapse disorder (CCD) has had on the bee population, it is even more important how bees that are a nuisance are dealt with. Most bee removalists just kill the bees whether it is necessary or not — since they know they can make more money, because “time is money.” However, we at Master Pest Patrol place both the customer and the bees first. It is highly disadvantageous for the homeowner to have his bees exterminated if they have been in his wall longer than 3 days. I have seen disasters and had to fix them because a novice bee removalist exterminated the bees and two months later the homeowner called me because of a horrible smell or because honey was dripping down his wall and into the carpet.

Most pest control companies will not spray honey bees and will refer them to a professional bee removalist, however, there are some that would exterminate without giving other options. Our company has been performing bee removal work for over 13 years and we have a great reputation for doing quality work that is guaranteed.

So what do you do when having a bee hive in your wall?

  1. Find out how long the bees have been there. There are certain signs to look for if you are not sure. Call us and I’ll have to ask you certain questions to ascertain.
  2. If they have been there for 3 days or less, extermination is an option. However, it is always more safe to open up the structure to make sure.
  3. If they have been there longer than 3 days, opening the structure is the only good option and removing the bees, wax, and honey is the way to do this. Extermination at this point would damage the structure and only be a “band aid” that would almost for certain guarantee that new bees would re-infest the structure.
  4. Make an appointment with us. We will answer our phones promptly and fit you into our schedule right away.

Master Pest Patrol gives a guarantee on the removal. We are licensed and insured.